Lolcats, 2012, 13-minute digital video

‘Lolcats’ – inspired by the Internet meme of the same name – explores an amalgam of past and present manifestations of cat worship. Shot entirely against green-screen, the video presents a mutable space, at once a mysterious lost civilisation and a modern day tourist fun park. The narrative centres on a young female protagonist, presenting her in moments of intrigue, fear, metamorphosis and decay. Journeying through this erratic environment she encounters a bejewelled Katy Perry discussing dental hygiene with an aristocratic cat, stumbles upon an army of hostile feline cyborgs and is surgically dissected by a gothic physician. Existing somewhere between the candy-coloured fantasies of ‘Disney Princess’ and the monstrous caricatures of a William Hogarth, “Lolcats” sits on a discomforting boundary between the sickly sweet and the grotesquely abject.

Commissioned by The Visual Effects Research Lab, Dundee.

I CAN HAS, 2012, Faux fur sculpture, Generator Projects, Dundee